Internet Connectivity, Mobile Operators and ISD Calls in Swaraj Dweep Island

Internet is a big issue in Swaraj Dweep Island and so in Port Blair as well. Satellite communication is used in the islands. The current internet serves only 5-10% of the total demand of internet in the islands. Work is in progress for underwater cable from Chennai, until then we need to manage with what we have.

Internet Connectivity in Havelock

  • Video surfing is almost impossible.

  • Email and Browsing is fine. Works better late at Night

  • Internet Cafes are present for Browsing and sending emails.

  • Port Blair is better than Swaraj Dweep in terms of Internet Speed.

  • For any important issues we suggest on arrival at Port Blair visit an Internet Cafe, complete your tasks and then move to Swaraj Dweep.

Mobile Service Providers

  • BSNL - This is everywhere in the island.

  • Airtel - Second Most Popular

  • Vodafone - Decent Enough

  • Reliance - Just Enough

  • In the interiors, specially in Radhanagar beach and Elephant beach none of the connection gets established.

ISD Calls

  • ISD Booths are available in the Swaraj Dweep market.

  • Good Resorts offer this facility.