Scuba diving is the most amazing activity one should avail after coming to Andamans. Havelock Island is the best place to do Scuba Diving. There are varied kinds of courses done in Havelock. Go with the one, that suits you and that is within your comfort level.
Mentioned below are various kinds of courses that takes place in Havelock Island.

Scuba trips for Beginners

How can the underwater community leave people who do not know swimming? Below are the various kinds of courses for beginners. The dive is conducted in a safe environment with certified divers so don't panic and just experience.
The trip begin from a nice sheltered reef where you relax and gear up with Scuba kits. Later an instructor teaches you various use of equipments. Underwater signs used during diving is taught before starting. A basic test about your learning is gauged by the instructor. Once things look fine, you start your trip.

NO SWIMMING SKILLS are required to avail the above trips. Free video is provided for such trips. We do not recommend this trip to people with medical conditions.

Scuba Trips for Amateur - Should know swimming and can swim for 200 Metres

This is for the one who know swimming and are looking forward to a basic certification course within 2 Days.
You will be tested with your swimming skills and health status. You need to swim around 200 meter and should have a decent physical condition to avail this activity. A certification is provided after the dive gets over. This course contains both Classroom learning, basic diving and advanced diving.
You can do the certification with PADI, SSI or NAUI – these are the three top international agencies with which are affiliated in Havelock Island
The differences are as follows:
PADI: You must buy the manual (which costs more)
SSI: Not necessary to buy the book (so price is less for the course)
NAUI: Includes more detailed theory and more training, includes basic rescue, and an excellent reference book

The Scuba Diving Andaman Video

The video shows varied kinds of experiences during Scuba Diving in Havelock Island. Groupers, Tortoise, Sharks, parrot fish, Giant trevallar, lobsters and many other varieties are featured in the video. Towards the end of the video you will see a beginner diver doing somersault under water. This is to show that a new bee can come to Andaman without knowing swimming and can do great stuff after getting comfortable. So, if you do not know swimming it is absolutely fine. The video was taken as a resource to inform people about Scuba Diving in Andamans and about various kinds of experience in Andaman. The underwater cinematography was done by Nari Vikas and other filming was done by Tonmoy Saha. The collective effort was brought together by Experience Andamans and Dive India

Top Scuba Companies in Havelock?

Dive Andaman
Good and professional team.

Dive India
The best personalized assistance you can get.

Andaman Bubbles
Comes under Wild Orchid Group

What do you get during Scuba Diving in Swaraj Dweep

  • Assistance from Scuba Diving Experts underwater
  • Personal Video during Diving
  • No swimming skills required for Beginners
  • Training before the Diving

Scuba Diving Advanced Courses - Should hold certification from PADI/SSI or any other recognized organisation

For advanced divers Andaman is a Scuba heaven. Havelock island in Andaman has now become the most famous attraction for Scuba in India and many countries across the globe.
Advanced diving takes place for 4 Days. However, you can extend it to as many days as required. For those availing their first advanced course should get themselves acquainted with Amateur course. The theory of diving is taught here along with other certification tests and programs.

Dive Sites In Havelock Island

NEMO REEF : 6 -20 meters, ALL LEVELS

Finding nemo is a game that you could play during this dive and surely you will find one.

The Aquarium : 6 -20 meters, ALL LEVELS

Nice for Beginners. Can spot Dugong, the state animal of Andaman. Turtles, Napoleon and Groupers are few other varieties that can be spotted

Bob Backyard : 10 - 30 meters, ALL LEVELS
Bob, given to a 4 meter bull shark. Large schools of blue-and-gold fusiliers, snapper, sweetlips, triggerfish, groupers (including giant grouper), angelfish, Moorish idols, Indian bannerfish. Tuna, trevally, jacks, mackerel, white-tip sharps and black-tip sharks are also spotted regularly. Since, last season Bob was not spotted in this location.

Three large pinnacles are surrounded with excitement from all the active feeding frenzy from the pelagics, Barracuda, Giant Trevally, Giant Groupers, Tuna and Mackerel. Beautiful Big Barrel Sponges perch on the edges of the larger pinnacle that is covered with Glass Fish that make it hard at times to look out at the schools of Batfish floating in the currents and then suddenly a shadow appears from the deep, it,s a Manta Ray cruising by to take a look at the commotion. There are many colors here with lots of juvenile Emperor Angelfish and shy Red-Toothed Triggerfish looking for holes to hide from the glares from the Napoleon Wrasse circling the reef.

Other Famous ones are South Pilot Reef, Barren Island and J Reef. To be honest every season a new reef is explored and that becomes the famous one.
Its preferable to block your space before arrival in Havelock Island. The good dive operators are almost full for the day and adding new customers will just bring down the experience.